Tantrum Tracker for iPad

Tantrum Tracker for iPad, now available on the App Store

Tantrum Tracker for iPad

Tantrum Tracker for iPad


Completely updated for iOS 10, Tantrum Tracker for iPad was designed to make tracking tantrums and outbursts for children on the autism spectrum, children with ADD or ADHD (or any child with behavior control issues) easy, through a logical work flow and organization of “tantrum” data, photo and video media, and visual representation of data via charts and graphs.

Based on the innovative Tantrum Tracker for iPhone and iPod Touch app, Tantrum Tracker for iPad was designed to fully utilize the iPad’s larger screen size and unique features.

Parents, doctors, specialists, behavioralists or advocates may use the app to gain a better understanding of the possible causes of a child’s tantrums, the severity of tantrums, what mitigated them, specific locations that precipitated tantrums, and the locations and precipitators of tantrums by levels of severity. Integrated media can record or import photos and videos to create a visual record of tantrums or their aftermath.

An overview of the features provided by the app are:

  • Track multiple children, or import them from your Contacts list, and track their tantrums on an incident by incident basis through visual selection of simple information points.
  • Add and remove your own user defined categories for where the tantrum occurred, what caused it, and what resolved it.
  • Record video or take photos of tantrum incidents or their aftermath, or import existing photos or videos from your Photo Library, which are then tracked along with the tantrum data and made available through a media gallery for viewing and playback on your device.
  • Multiple ways to view your data, either in a calendar view or in a table view.
  • Provides a full “notes” system, which is available for providing annotations on tantrum incidents, or for general notes and observations related to the individual.
  • Both media and notes data may be shared through e-mail, and photos and videos may be exported to your Photo Library (Camera Roll).
  • Statistics for any individual may be viewed through a visual charting/graphing interface right on your device.
  • Export tantrum data as a CSV (comma separated values) file. Data is made available for download to your computer through iTunes for import into a any spreadsheet application where it may be viewed through more detailed charts and templates.
  • Internationalized for most English speaking countries.
  • Built in documentation, for help while off-line.

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